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Beyond Series Backpack

Beyond series backpack provides perfect protection for your cameras (Beyond B300N and B400N with the laptop compartment) and you can also put your personal belongings and accessories in the upper compartment. You can quickly grab your equipment and accessories from the side-opening even when you are on the move. The tripod holder is on the right of the bag, and with the special hanging system you can add a pot pouch or lens pouch .The ergonomic harness system keep you comfortable , even you are carrying it all day.

Model NO Fabric Size (W*D*H) Capacity
Beyond B100 1200D Gucci Nylon 600D 28x23x42cm 1SLR, 2 lenses & flash
Beyond B200 1200D Gucci Nylon 600D 31.5x25x46cm  1SLR with battery grip, 3-4 lenses & flash
Beyond B300N 1200D Gucci Nylon 600D 31.5x28x46cm 1 SLR with battery grip, 3-4 lenses & flash + 13.3” Netbook
Beyond B400N 1200D Gucci Nylon 600D 34x28x48cm 1 SLR, 2 lenses(up to 70-200mm) & flash – Fits most 14” laptops